Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why Effective Copywriting Is Key to Search Success

Effective copywriting attracts visitors

The key to good copywriting is communication - both with your potential customer and those all important search engines. Communication itself relies on the power of words and this is where The Writers Block can help you.

Let's face it - you can't sell to your website's visitors until you've got them in front of your product, can you?

So how do you attract visitors to your website?

Probably the first thing that pops into your head here is 'SEO' (Search Engine optimisation) and you'd be partially correct. For visitors looking for your product, SEO is the most valuable tool for getting them onto your website and a listing on the first page of Google is many a business owner's Holy Grail.

There's many ways to do it of course and the days of invisible text keyword stuffing and the same keyword over and over in metatags are pretty much over although there's no denying it still goes on - sometimes quite successfully.

The answer to good SEO lies first and foremost in good quality web content and copywriting - also known as 'Organic' SEO.

Organic SEO

To attract the right kind of visitor - that is, not just spam bots from forums etc where you or your SEO 'expert' may have posted links - you need excellent content. This is where your copywriter comes in.

If you are found on the search engines due to organic methods, you can pretty much guarantee that your visitors are already interested in your product which is phase one of your goal.

Why is this? Well, it's because they will have found your website by typing in a search keyword or phrase into a search engine. For example, to land on this website typing in something such as 'copywriters' or 'copywriting' in the search bar would cause the search engine to pick up pages such as these.

Various factors determine how near to the top you'll be and some factors can only come with time - for example, the length of time your domain name has been registered also plays a part amongst a myriad of other things.

Copywriting is Key

You see, copywriting (well, effective copywriting, anyway) isn't just about writing a load of text about whatever you fancy having on that particular page. It's also about factors such as keyword density, where the keywords are placed, and the relevance of various parts of the whole to one another.

Confused? Don't be - The Writers Block can help you with both improving existing web content and also coming up with new copy to attract visitors.

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