Saturday, November 24, 2012

What Are The Challenges Of Responsive Web Design?

With the introduction of devices of all screen sizes that are able to access the internet (including tablets and smart phones), responsive web design has seen an increase in popularity. This technique enables a website to sense what size screen it is being viewed on and will resize itself accordingly. But what are the challenges encountered with this sort of design?
  • Development time: The biggest challenge is that it takes more time to develop than a standard website. And it takes even longer if you are converting an existing site to a responsive one.

  • Different devices: Unfortunately, it is impossible to build a website that works equally as well on all devices. The people using each of these devices will have very different needs and wants.

  • Media queries: Responsive web design involves media queries that determine the correct layout; older browsers don't actually recognise these queries, meaning that they won't shoe the mobile version.

  • Image details: When images are scaled down, they quickly lose their details (and, therefore, their meaning). Some people get around this challenge by cropping their images.

  • Navigation menus: As there is less space on smaller devices, designing navigation that works can be quite a challenge; you must also keep in mind that many small devices are touch screen.

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