Thursday, June 2, 2011

The 3 Best Free Website Builders

There are several reasons to build a website. Perhaps you're looking to extend your business to the Internet realm, or maybe you'd like to dabble in the prospects of earning a few pennies (or dollars, if you're lucky!) passively. If you've read up on building a website, you've probably been introduced to the foreign language of HTML. Learning HTML coding can be self-taught over time, but it is a slow and often frustrating process - especially if you're just trying to align two bodies of text. Few of us have the time to sit around and learn HTML, and that's where the handiness of website builders come into the picture - especially if they're free.

Why Website Builders Will Meet Your Goals

Saves Time: As we've already addressed, learning and fiddling with HTML code can take hours, or even days before the desired website is produced. Using a web builder will eliminate all coding woes and hurdles. If you know exactly what information and content you'd like your website to have, you can use a website builder to produce a spiffy new website in as little as an hour or two.

Saves Money: Hiring a professional webmaster or web designer is pricey, often costing hundreds of dollars for the design in addition to a monthly upkeep fee. Free website builders are, obviously, free - which can help you determine if the need exists for your website before you decide to upgrade to a domain name.

Best 3 Website Builders

Google: If you own a Gmail account, update your Google calendar and share Google docs-- a Google webpage will be perfect for you. Choose from dozens of already created themes, adjust colors to your liking, and quickly embed any Google-gadget you may need to share. You can also quickly add an embedded Picasa photo or photo album or YouTube link.

Jimdo: Is it possible to construct a professional, respectable site without paying a cent? Jimdo is regarded by several as one of the Internet's best free website builders, giving users a chance to dabble in classier elements of web design. Users can also have a small store where they can list up to 5 items for sale (if your store is successful, don't worry - upgrading is a synch, and you can add an additional 10 items for only $5 per month).

Moonfruit: If you're searching for the hipster trail of website design, Moonfruit's got the tightest jeans. They pride themselves on helping users create aesthetically pleasing websites that fit the criteria for search engines. On their main page, they'll send you to a list of good-looking websites that were designed with Moonfruit's website building technology (, for example - a fun websites about San Diego's top flair bartenders!).


Using a free website builder is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of web design. It can also be a useful way to set up a page for fun social gatherings, such a surprise birthday party, group vacation, or a family reunion. If you've been burdened with the task of creating a sleek website for your boss's marketing firm, Google, Jimdo, or Moonfruit will give you the tools to lay the groundwork before you commit to spending any money on web hosting or web design.

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