Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Design Guidelines for Landing Pages

A landing page is the access to a website and the first page that a potential client visits after browsing an ad or from a link found through a search engine. These pages are built and designed with the purpose of optimizing the results or a promotional campaign. The way they are designed allows to personalize a promotion insertion and to communicate around a smaller number of key concepts.

1. A landing page that is properly optimized will provide the consumer enough information to take the next step towards conversion, either by watching a video, providing information through an online form or simply purchasing a product or service. By summarizing relevant information and limiting page navigation and non-relevant content, it will increase the chances of conversion of your promotional campaigns.

2. Landing pages have to be structured and designed to support a series of ads, banners and rich media so that the consumer does not leave a website without a proper conversion. Most often, with messages about specific products and promotional offers, these ads generate higher click rates and produce higher conversions among prospects.
3. Landing pages can be built to satisfy the needs of different segments of customers, providing better service. When prospects receive messages designed according to their personal interests, they become relevant for them and create trust, creating an accelerated conversion rate. Customers will then be more open to becoming your client

Landing pages have to take into consideration the use of keywords that correspond to the products or services being advertised. The goal is to tell Google what the page is about, so that it facilitates its search and it does not get lost among a huge amount of search results and customers choosing other companies.

Landing pages will usually display sales copy, that is brief, summarized and makes use of important and relevant keywords, making it an extension of the ad or link. They can link from social media (Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and others), email campaigns or pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

The ultimate goal of a landing page it to improve the percentage of visitors to a website that either become sales leads and eventually customers. That is why they aim to provide page content and appearance that makes the webpage more appealing to the targeted user. They do so by displaying text, images, relevant links and other elements. The efficiency and quality of the page is measured by the conversions that it produces.

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