Monday, January 3, 2011

How to Startup in the Web Design Business

Many business decision makers realise that their website could maybe do with some extra work. Maybe it's looking old now. Perhaps it used to look go by the standards of yesteryear or maybe the website wasn't really fit for purpose in the first place. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of fantastic web designers out there who could knock up a design that your business might benefit from.

The art of developing online presences is quite objective in the sense of it needs this and this. For example, a blog, logo, information about what the company offer and contact details. However, web design is also very personal to the business owners or decision makers as well as the actual designers themselves. The end user must also be considered during the development process because s/he will, ultimately, make or break the online presence. Your target market must love it. So do your market research and you should be fine.

I find that the best way to judge the success of a website is to measure it's profitability. What it adds in terms of value to the business. Whether there is a return on investment and whether it actually drives more sales to the business. It's the same with search engine optimisation (SEO). Lots of SEO practitioners talk about Google positions, etc. "I'll charge you this amount for this position". But what ultimately matters is the traffic that is generated by SEO efforts. I might add that this traffic must be targeted or sales conversion rates are likely to be lower than projected values.

So if you are a budding web designer who needs advice on entering the highly competitive website development industry then be aware that basic knowledge probably won't cut the mustard (unless you are part of a huge team of developers and are just going to be following very strict client briefs - then this is different). You need to be a good all rounded with copious amounts of creativity as well as fantastic design and development skills. This comes with research, study, practice and learning from the masters. You may make mistakes but a man (or woman) is not judged by the mistakes they make, they are judged by how they deal with them. So makes mistakes and learn from them or better still - learn from other people's mistakes!

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web design is also very personal to the business owners or decision makers as well as the actual designers themselves. small business web design

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