Thursday, January 27, 2011

Starting A New Website

What exactly is involved in creating a website that will generate income. In my opinion, the first thing to do is to search for a domain that will make the whole process just that little bit easier. So, what exactly do I mean by this? The magic trick that I am eluding to is to find a domain that is keyword (or key search phrase for that matter) rich.

For example, if I had a business that specialised in woolly school coats then www dot woolyschoolcoats dot whatever could possibly be the ideal domain for me. I say "possibly" because by having a very specific, generic domain you could possibly limit your ability to pick up the "long tail" of key search phrases that is oh so important. In my experience however, this tends not to be a problem, the "long tail" just needs to be optimised in the usual way and simply won't benefit from the keyword rich domain.

Once you have your domain, find someone to host the site, optimise your on page content and then begin the slow but sure process of optimising off page. I've deliberately glossed over on page optimisation as there is far too much to cover in this articles. In general however, include keywords in your page title, if you are using html for example, include keywords in your H1 headers and finally have keyword rich text.

In essence, search engine spiders read only the text on your page and start from the top left corner and move to the right and down. Hence by including your keywords on say the first twenty words, search engine spiders will know immediately what your page is about.

Finally, begin your off page optimisation with a structured external link building campaign with appropriate anchor text.

This nanny jobs site has excellent on page optimisation, hence giving it a running start in the search engine ranking process. As with everything else worth doing in life, the off page optimisation takes time and patience.

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