Sunday, January 23, 2011

Website Design - Maximizing Interactivity

Interactivity seems to be the latest craze in the world of website designing. Earlier web designs were just considered a form of advertisement. Later, there came a stage where websites were given more importance and considered as a business representative working for the business 24/7 all through the year. These websites were designed for interaction between the visitor and the business. The web designs based on singly user interactivity aimed at interacting with the visitor through visuals, portfolios, quote generators, galleries and forms for placing the order.

Times have drastically changed since then and the technology also has evolved a lot. Now the businesses have a developed a positive attitude to consider the feedback of multiple visitors. They want the visitors to interact with not only themselves (website owners) but also other visitors.

Multiple user interaction facilitates the visitor with first hand information about the product or the service being offered through the website. This helps in convincing the visitor about the offerings and the increases the possibility of the visitor getting converted to buyer.

Multiple user interaction makes the business owner aware about the pitfalls, changes to be made and about what the competitors are offering in the market. This gives the business a chance to correct itself the targeted market segment.

Some of the ways to design a multiple interactive website are as follows

One can add a forum or a blog to the website in the form of a subdirectory. The visitors and users can leave their comments on the website and its services/products through the blog. The forum can facilitate them to inquire, put forth questions and converse on topics of interest. This way the website owner can come to know about the interests of the visitors or users.

The web design can incorporate videos or podcasts on the YouTube. This facilitates the users to interact with the content of the website in a diverse format.

The users can chat while online with the customer service personnel through the chat windows. The user need not phone to the website company.

The website can be recommended to the friends and acquaintances through social bookmarking. This can be made easy by adding icons of social bookmark to the website. This can also increase the traffic to the website. The icons can link to social networking sites like linked in, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

The relationship with the visitors can be made stronger with the help of newsletters and E zines. This can also help to establish the business. The want of e zine should be ensured beforehand or else this can have a negative effect on the performance of the website.

The services of a professional web designer should be availed to maximize the multiple interactivity of the web design.

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