Friday, February 4, 2011

Why You Need a Professional Web Designer

Web designing is one of the rapidly growing professions in the world today. Why? Because everybody is seeking to make a presence online, every celebrity, every business man, every internet marketer, every blogger out there is looking to have a website. Because not all of them are designers by profession, they hire the services designers from other places in the world, hence the exponential growth.

How do you get started designing a website? Are there any special aspects or elements that a designer will look into to make the website special yet professional? Basically, the first and most important thing that a designer looks at is the appearance of the site, which is categorized into two - navigation and color combination.


Navigation in designing basically means a guide to move from one location to another within and without the website. Basically, navigation must be simple and straightforward; the links need to stand out from content and other available features in each particular webpage. Most designing companies, in an effort to make navigation effortless, place all links to other pages on the home page.

Color combination

A good web designer will combine colors on a website to make the site attractive and comfortable for viewing. Such a website can be browsed by anyone, even individuals with eyesight impairments because having very many clashing colors can strain the eyes. Basically, when you seek web designing services, you should expect a maximum use of three colors on your website, of course and their shades. Color combination is done in such a way that the content on each webpage remains readable and stands out from other features available.

Many times, you will find that a designer uses contrasting colors between the text and background, to ensure visitors are able to read the text easily. Coloring on a typical website should remain attractive and simple, with the text standing out on the web page to reduce straining and maximize user experience.

By the same token, renowned web designers factor in the graphics and/or images on each particular webpage and how they are related to the content available on that webpage. Out of context images are known to mislead clients, and that is a mistake professional web designers avoid.

In conclusion, be advised that there are very many web designers out there, some who are professional, and others who are not, some who are experienced and others who are amateurs. It would be pointless to point out the difference between a professionally designed website and that designed by an amateur as the differences are uncountable. But a professionally designed website remains easy to navigate, simple and user-friendly. It is highly recommended that you work with an experienced and reputed web designer to ensure you get your money's worth.

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