Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Design Your Business Website to Get a Professional Representation Worldwide

As we know website is the best medium to represent a business with complete information worldwide. A proper designed website appends a better reputation about your business and represents you professionally throughout the world. Due to this fact business owners now days are investing more effort on their website design and promotion. They are also getting huge returns more than their expectation.

For designing a professional website there are so many things like highly experienced web designers, an experienced website analyst and a motivating content writer are the key professionals. Hiring the above three types of professionals is out of the budget for small businesses or even medium businesses owners. To avoid that excess cost the business owners should aware about some simple tips while designing their website and also the web designers.

Tips for Professional Website Design:

The useful tips to be considered while design a professional business website as follows,

1. Cool Color Combination for Web Pages:

Design the website with cool color combination like light green, blue or any other so that it can catch the eyes of visitors in the first sight. Avoid deep colors like black, red etc that may irritate visitor's eyes.

2. Proper Navigation and Menus:

The menus need to keep on top of the page for easy view. Starting from the home page all the products and services pages should be properly navigated and linked form the home page, so that a visitor can get the product and service information within one or two clicks. Design a site map page carrying all the links which help the visitors.

3. Interesting and Informative Content, Meta tags:

The web pages should have interesting and informative content for the visitors. The font size, color and background must be good. Appealing and encouraging content with updated information can keep the visitors in the site for along time. Always update the pages with unique content. Don't forget to put title, description and other meta elements relevant to the page content. It will helpful for search engines to rank your website.

4. Graphics, Images and Flashes:

Graphics, images and flashes adds more attraction for your business website. Avoid using too many graphics and images it will make the site heavy and take more time to down load. Try to make the website easy to download within fraction of seconds. Optimize the images with "alt tags".

5. Browser Compatibility:

Make it sure that the web pages are compatible to all browsers like Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Safari, Opera etc.

6. Avoid Huge Ads on Pages:

Avoid huge banner ads, flashes, animated graphics, pop-up pages and frames that may cause irritation to visitors.

While starting your business website design by hiring a web designing company, keep in mind about the above factors to be taken in to consideration. Choose the best web designers in your area.

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