Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Five Minute Guide To Website Design In 2011

As we move into the spring, away from the colder weather, we in the web design world move further into 2011's web design trends. As the season progresses, we web designers began to comprehend and experiment with 2011 trends in the web design world, from the upgrading our designs to the latest technologies to experimenting with layouts and designs.

In the last year, we have seen a number of technologies and trends that are to have great impact and influence on 2011's website design.

One: Is that with the expansion of smartphone technologies, we should be expecting to adapt our website design accordingly to this technology. Our websites to correspond with this technology must be well adapted, look good and usable across smartphones. More and more of us web designers should be expecting to experiment with this form.

Two: With Google responding more regularly and with more accurately to content, it's important that we adapt to these changes. This means still valuing the website content, which can get you optimised online. Creating good and relevant content is the only way these days, with the new changes Google implemented, to get recognition online. But without good web design, rather than failing to get the traffic, you could be failing in giving your custom a reason to stay.

Three: Even us web designers could not predict the influence the smartphone and iPhone would have on web design. It is not only become a new form to play and experiment with, the design style associated with smartphones and Apps have been implemented into regular design. Already this year, we have seen the App unrealistic style used in regular website design. Gap launched their new website, a collection of images and videos combined with an iPad like interface whose movement mimics the movement of touch screen scrolling used on an iPad.

Four: Many website designers will have stated the influence of 2010's clean design look on 2011's. By clean, we mean minimalist uncluttered design that focuses on one design element, such as typography or a background image. This style has risen due to the need for websites to load much faster, increasing the ranking by Google and making them easier to load on smartphones. Not only is it solely practically, it offers for many web/ graphic designers a chance to focus on one element and experiment with it.

We can also see in 2011, a number of other influences affecting website design, including an increased need for cross-cultural websites, web based marketing becoming the prominent form of marketing and the influence of new Google ranking techniques.

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sawali said...

seiring dengan kemajuan ranah TIK, website agaknya memiliki prospek yang cerah. dan itu tak lepas dari peran para web designer.

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