Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Most Important Aspects Of Website Design For Local Small Businesses

There is a rampant tragedy happening today in the local and small business world when it comes to web design. Most businesses are wasting small fortunes on websites designed by big firms that look awesome! Usually on the recommendation of the web design company, most small business owners go right ahead and think that looking cool is the key to getting customers online. But the truth is that your customers don't care, how cool you look. Here is what matters when it comes to designing a website for your local business. That is, if you are looking to generate customers, not just look cool.

First, just because you put up a website doesn't mean that its going to get found by potential customers. Your site needs to get optimized for the search engines, not just once but over and over again, daily. This will push your website up in the natural search engine rankings. In turn, your website goes from a lost island in the ocean, to a well known and frequently visited state.

Second, once you're website is completely optimized, you need to make sure you have a clear call to action.

Here are a few typical call to actions:

* Make a phone call to your business
* Request a quote via email
* Get on your newsletter

A clear call to action, will be the difference in you wasting money on internet marketing and web design services. To getting a 1000% return on investment.

Third, you have to establish credibility right away with your website. Especially if you are a local business. Put some of your customer testimonials on your home page. This will hook your visitor in and show them, that you are not just a fly by night operation.

Now, as simple as these aspects are of web designing for local small businesses. Most design firms will not bring them to your attention, much less actually take charge of your website and do them.

As the business owner, you need to take charge and do these simple steps. In turn, you will actually start attracting customers to you not just wasting your time and money.

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