Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Use HTML Xpress to Create Your Own Website

What is HTML Xpress?

I am sure you've heard about HTML before, but probably not of HTML Xpress. It is a free Perl based script mainly used for a web page prior to its publishing stage. This valuable tool uses macros to simplify the functions within the webpage and is also used to compress HTML pages; this in turn results into much faster web page loading.

Custom settings are also allowed giving the user freedom to simplify coded tasks within a certain webpage. This software requires using a Mac Os X, however if you don't have Mac Os X, you need to have a custom perl installation such as MacPerl.

Since this software is a Perl based program, one must have basic knowledge of the Perl language and proper expression usage is required to use this software effectively. This is an extremely useful tool to create your own webpage.


HTML Xpress was first released on August 2001 and has been further developed until the software was renamed HTML Xpress on March 2002. Various versions with significant developments have been released to the public, making it popular to create websites. The last stable release, version 2.2 was introduced in January, 2004.


A configuration file would be available for you to use. You can copy that file to your HTML directory and have it edited to best suit your website's needs. It is also possible to put and configure your own macros, change patterns and other settings including the output file location. You could also have specific configuration for different sites by putting your custom configuration file in their respective folders.

After creating an HTML file, compile it with HTML Xpress or alternatively, if you have Mac OS X, you could type % HTML Xpress filename.HTML in the Terminal. If you have DropScript (Mac OS X) or MacPerl droplet (Mac OS 9), it is possible for you to drag and drop the HTML file on the HTML Xpress icon.

Another great thing about this software is its great customization. You can create a code that can automatically create HTML tables or a section of a certain webpage. You could also have all hyperlinks checked for validity. Unnecessary codes are automatically eliminated and CSS compression is possible. Custom macro can be defined to simplify codes making it easy and fast to create your website.


Using HTML Xpress is indeed an easy way to create your own web page. As simple as it looks, it boasts of mighty results that are proven by many users of this program. With a range of powerful tools under its belt, this software not just make HTML codes easy enough to read and understand and have complex functions and tasks, it also benefits the website audience of fast viewing and less errant performance when browsing.

This makes a webpage have less codes, compressed HTML and CSS great for browsing speed. To create your own web page using HTML Xpress should result into a website with a fast paced performance, easily maintained and hassle free future developments.

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