Monday, April 11, 2011

Web Design - Designing of a Good Banner

Nowadays most of the web design and development service providers undermine or just neglect the possibility of procuring business through banners on the websites. This is mainly due to perception and limited knowledge about designing the banners.

Some of the important considerations for the making of a good banner are as follows.

Copy (content) Matters:
The success of any banner is mainly dependent on the copy especially the headline. If the headline is attractive enough the reader is sure to probe into the rest of the content of the banner. Some of the questions that play a pivotal role in the success of the banner are: What is the banner about? Why is the banner designed? How are the offerings of the banner useful? What is the importance of the banner for the reader and why should the banner be considered? The buttons that call for actions such as "free gift" should be included in the banner.

Placement of the banner:
It is better to know where the banner is going to be displayed. This is important because the surroundings play a crucial role in making the banner noticeable. In case of AdWords, you hardly know on which website is your banner going to be placed. After the banner is submitted to the AdWords and it being pasted on the different websites, you come to know the placement of the banner. When there is a possibility of studying the websites where your banner is going to be placed, it is better to analyze and make some notes that can be helpful in the future. The more research you do the more indepth knowledge to get. The number of the banners on the website, the design style of other banners, number of text banners, the jelling of the banner with the other content on the web page, and uniqueness play an important role in the success of the banner.

Use of appropriate color is also vital for success of the banner. Colors have different meanings in different cultures. They affect the subconscious mind too.

The graphics in the banner should not only be attractive but also informative. Suppose the banner is about the offerings of a lingerie store. A half naked woman could be used as a model for this but the name of the product that she is wearing needs to be mentioned along with the price. Graphics or images without relevant information are useless.

Most of us have been used to see the pictures on the wall with frames around them. A frame around the content of the banner helps the visitor to focus his/her attention. It hardly takes a minute to add a frame to the banner.

Legible Font:
The text in the banner should be legible and readable. There is no use of the text that is having blurred letters and poor contrast. The best way to find if the font is readable is through making it read by some elderly person. If that elderly person can read it thoroughly and easily without halting then there is nothing wrong with the font.

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