Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 Web Design Tips to Boost Your Conversions

When a design company takes on a project, there are some basic principles they should take into account in order to boost conversions. To any web design company, these tips will be incredibly obvious, but if you are only starting out in commercial web design you will want to pay attention as these are things that you will absolutely need to know.

Tip #1: Keep it Clean

Something that many people forget when they are designing a website is that other people are actually going to be viewing it. While you might be able to find your way around the site, ask yourself whether or not others can do the same. Let a few of your friends try it out, and always be open for opinions.

Tip #2: Use SEO

While SEO might not be your department you can always find someone else who will be willing to do it for you. Search Engine Optimization will keep your website at the top of the rankings and it will draw traffic. Remember not to abuse SEO however, as drawing the wrong type of traffic will result in frustrated visitors and no sales.

Tip #3: Customer Service is Key

While your product or service might be great, having good customer service is another important part of the process. At some point your customers will need to contact you, and whether or not they can do this easily will determine whether or not they buy from you again. It is important to ensure you have a phone number in addition to a web contact so that your users have more options.

Tip #4: Choose a Solid Host

Don't make the mistake of choosing a web host that won't hold up! You need your website to have at least 95% uptime if not more, and you need to make sure that it is quality uptime. That is to say you want to ensure that while the site is up it is relatively accessible to your users, and that they can browse the options without a problem. If your website is having constant seizures, then even a well-built and designed site is going to be abandoned by its potential customers.

Tip #5: True to Today

A high quality website will need to be sure to take advantage of today's advanced web technologies. Staying on the cutting edge might not be the easiest thing in the world, especially considering the complexities of some components, but it will stand out to your customers and be more likely to convert.

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