Wednesday, June 1, 2011

5 Mistakes Logo Designers Make When Creating Logo Designs

Creating logo designs is a time consuming process that requires strict adherence to guidelines and deadlines. Logo designers have a lot on their mind when creating quality logos. Some are often engaged in multiple design projects at the same time, a common practice among designers. In the midst of it all, it is possible for them to skip or miss certain things when creating their design drafts. Today's post will highlight five such mistakes that designers should avoid making. Otherwise they may find themselves in hot water with the client.

1. Using Overused Logos

Instead of creating their own designs, some designers opt for free images downloadable from the internet for all purpose use. It may seem harmless but in fact it has every potential to being legal nightmare. Many of these images even though free and available to the public, are trademarked. This means they cannot be used for commercial or identity purposes by any other company or organization. Design drafts that include these images are vulnerable to trademark infringement which could turn out to be a hefty legal battle for the company.

2. Skimming Project Briefs

The project brief details the design guidelines for the project. It must be read word by word. It should not be skimmed. Doing so can lead the logo designer to miss an important detail. This could very well to the best logo that the client does NOT want because it does not follow the specifications they laid out.

3. Using Brushes in Creating Logos

Brushes are very useful tools that are part of most graphic design software. They can be used to create cool artistic effects. The problem is that all graphic design software come with the same type of brushes installed. This leaves the door to trademark infringement open. Just avoid using brushes and stick with creating your draft by hand or by using other tools.

4. Procrastinating Till the Last Minute

This is a bad habit to get rid of. Many designers often develop a lax attitude towards projects leaving them to the last minute only to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that must be done which ultimately results in them giving up on the project. Don't put things off till tomorrow. Do it now when you have time.

5. Too Many Projects At One Time

This mistake is often made by newcomers in the graphic design field. Every project requires a significant amount of time and resources. Signing up for multiple projects makes it difficult for logo designers to work on them sufficiently. Thus they end up disbanding some projects which should have been avoided in the first place.

These are some very common mistakes that can be found even today. Logo designers should try to avoid making these errors and focus on a more professional and smart approach - One project at a time.

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