Wednesday, June 15, 2011

5 Reasons to Redesign a Flash Website

Flash is a valuable tool that a lot of website designers use to give a little dynamic content to the site. I have noticed a recent emergence of sites built solely on this platform so I decided to inform everyone of some of the consequences of this.

1. Gratuitous Animations - Just because you can do something, it doesn't mean you should. It's easy for web designers to get carried away with animations going every which way causing the user to not obtain the information they came for.

2. Damaging Search Engine Optimization - I have met several people who try to tell me this is not accurate even though Google acknowledges this as does Bing. Google has done a decent job of improving flash SEO, it still does not provide basic SEO elements such as crawling links for new or relative content or prioritizing hyperlinks. Flash sites also do not use different page titles which means it's nearly impossible to use Google Analytics to see how your investment is doing.

3. Users can disable Flash - This is done to avoid some of the advertising that is Flash based or because a company simply doesn't want people visiting sites such as gaming sites that are developed in Flash. The site is useless if potential customers can not even get to it.

4. Expensive to update - Small businesses use Flash to look cutting edge and thinking they do not have to update often. After all is said and done, redesigning flash is very time consuming and expensive. The site based on dynamic content becomes static real quick and you would be better off having an easy to use Content Management System.

5. Difficult to Navigate - Where do I go? Where do I click? Why isn't my "Back" button working on my browser? All of these are common when a user goes to a Flash site. Of course the person that lays it out knows where to go and can easily dismiss this as an issue but they are not the reason the site was built in the first place.

While making your decision on using flash, take into consideration a company's profile, its clients and working experience in order not to be hooked onto charlatans` clasp. Through doing the correct research you can see that only a small amount of website companies do really actually hit the mark and can create and supply a really good website where all components work together properly and bring high page rankings as well as traffic to your business.

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Rizkyzone said...

I also want to plug the flash on my blog but it still does not work, has some tutorials I have tried, what my blog template that does not fit with flash

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