Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to Create and Recognise the Important Features of a Top-Notch E-Commerce Website

When people want to purchase items or services online, will be considerably influenced by the look and feel of the e-commerce websites they look at, because it is these sites that connect Internet users to a really user friendly way for them to shop. Site owners need to make sure they do not let potential shoppers slip through their fingers because they have ineffective website design. It is for this reason that you should ensure you select a good website design agency.

However, to achieve this goal, you have to try to familiarise yourself with the most important features that will make your e-commerce site competitive and functional.

It is absolutely essential that you achieve a professional look and feel to your pages and in order to achieve this, the site needs to have a fairly formal style and look. This is crucial, no matter what products or services you are selling. Before you select a website design company to create a site for your company, you should take the time to have a look at other sites they may have produced so that you can make sure you like the look of the way they produce their sites.

Your web pages need to be easy and practical to navigate, so when the site is completed you should check to make sure the links to other pages within the site are very easy to see on each and every page of the website. Such navigation needs to be strategically and clearly situated on the website pages so that when people are looking at the site, they will find it easy to find what they want. In addition, the navigation anchor texts ought to be relevant to the message you are trying to put forward and be easily understood.

An essential element of good website design means pages that load quickly. The amount of flash objects and background images need to be kept to a minimum, because these can often be a factor in pages loading slowly on the site. When your site visitors start to look at your content, they will not want to have to wait for the pages to load, because this will invariably try their patience and will probably encourage them to go to the site of one of your competitors out of pure irritation.

Once the site is finished, check to see that the pages look uncluttered and have a good clean look to them. A huge mistake that is often made as far as e-commerce sites are concerned is that they often look far too full, with too many product images scattered all around the pages, together with too many product descriptions that are pushed into spaces that are far too small for them. Instead, the pages should look relatively unfussy and have informative content. Those visiting your site will want to quickly see whether you are the right website for them

Make sure that you have good website search tools built into the site, particularly if you have hundreds of products to sell, as they need to be easily found. You will find that many of your visitors will want to use the search tools that you can provide.

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