Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 3'Cs of Website Design

The design of your company website plays a critical role in determining the overall growth and thus success. Would you then want any visitor to get irritated after seeing your website or would you want to face a situation where visitors hardly spend a few seconds scanning the web pages. Perhaps not and thus when it comes to hiring a website design company, you leave no stone unturned. Well this certainly is a good move, but at the same time it is suggested that all through the designing stages you be closely involved with the design company and make sure your web outlook is in line with the objectives. When it comes to website designing, the domain is huge. Basically there are too many features to pay attention to. However, a professional and experienced web designing company wouldn't essentially go all wrong. A well selected firm would know its job well and thus will pay attention to the execution. In best interests of your company, thus you can narrow down the work and pay attention to the 3C's of website design - Creativity, Content and Cross browser Compatibility.


Creativity is embedded in every facet of the website's design. Various components together combined, determine the creativity quotient of a website. For example take the case of a flash website design. The company's website with flash design looks impressive and creative. The graphics and affects which can be created in a flash supported website design are certainly striking; however web creativity is not just about appealing looks. The context here is different. Continuing with the flash web designing, creativity would mean planning a design which despite being flash oriented does not leads to longer loading time or should not ignore viewer's needs and neither should it be hated by the search engines. Creativity would thus imply making most of the Flash advantages and yet maintaining the site's functionality.


When considering the web design do not leave the content aside and at the same time do not let content presentation overwhelm the design parameters. The content should be presented such that it enables design modifications, as and when needed. If the content display is too rigid, the design gets impacted. Nowadays, there are a number of applications which can be wisely deployed to develop content oriented, yet dynamically designed websites. Thus an intelligent blend is to be created.

Cross browser compatibility

With so many browser options available you cannot restrict a viewer to view your website across a particular browser or a set of those. Neither is it practical to attempt design modification, every now and then, to suit the requirements of browser gaining user popularity. A sensible alternative will be to ensure that the website design company conceptualizes a website which is compatibility or looks great and functions well, irrespective of the browser. Again a completely flash website design will not be cross browser compatible. Many handhold devices miss out on flash support and a number of users opt not to install plug-ins. In the name of an interesting website design, would you want your company to miss out?

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I really like you article.Its informative and so informative about website designing.These three C's are so important in website designing
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