Sunday, July 24, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of Web Templates

So you want a website but just don't know which route to take? Here are your main options. Hire a website designer or web design firm, which can cost a ton of money. Or you can get a website template, that is a lot less expensive. Either way you choose, you will have some benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, depending on your situation, you must choose what's best for you. However, the rise in the popularity of web templates may trigger a signal in your brain that makes you want to delve further into how you can incorporate them into your business. Here are some things to consider when looking at both the good and bad things in regards to web templates.

Advantage #1 Cheap

It's not that hard to figure this one out. Web site templates are dirt cheap in comparison to web designers. You can still get a good looking website without all of the cost. It's a great option to have if you have a limited budget.

Advantage #2 Easy to Use

Not only is the website you get cheap, but also very easy to maintain and keep up with. You will no longer have to stress getting content updated in a reasonable amount of time because it'll be so easy that you'll be able to do it. Even for the computer illiterate in you, you still be surprised by how far you'll get.

Advantage #3 Has Bells and Whistles

Gone are the days when website template were static sites that looked horrible and came with a few features. Nowadays you can upload video content, add plugins and other features that creates a full-fledged eye popping design.

Disadvantage #1 Limited Range

Although nowadays web templates come in a variety of flavors and designs that can enhance your look, they still lack the uniqueness that you may need if your site needs are atypical. Lets face it, every site cannot be fit into a web design template.

Disadvantage #2 Hard to Find Good Web Template Companies

Yes web templates are a lot better than they've been, but it's still difficult to find great companies to get your templates from. Website template companies are a dime a dozen nowadays and they pop up all over the internet. In the event that you need something really special, then you must search harder to find a company that takes pride in their templates and design them as such.

Web templates can be great additions to your web presence. You'll find there are many templates that will fit your preference and style and the costs associated with them are a lot less than other options on the table. Therefore, its highly wise to consider web templates if you're on a tighter budget. Understand also, that web templates put you in control of your own content and image, leaving nothing to chance. You literally can get what you want, when you want in terms of creating the image that you desire for your brand.

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