Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Best Website Designs

SEO Basics - Cool Website Designs

Cool website designs, are they essential to SEO basics? Definitely not! You don't need to search for long to find that even the ugliest websites ranking high and sometimes for very competitive keywords. Though first of all we should define the word; cool, because by my standards, if my website is ranking highly within the search engines then that is pretty cool. Regardless of how it looks, when someone says the term "cool website designs" the first thing that comes to mind is the way the website looks and functions, not it's a cool website because it has the SEO basics handled.

Well I was just about to take a description of the word cool, from the Oxford English Dictionary which I hope you agree is the only official dictionary of the English language but something not cool happened, you have to pay a subscription fee! Dictionary.com it is then.

If you're interested the description, it's huge, search for the word, cool at dictionary.com I think we would all agree that a cool website means a website that is special or individual in the way it looks and also the way it functions.

SEO Basics Quality Content

Many things go into search engine optimization and many of them are as important as one another, but if you learn anything from SEO basics then it's that quality content always wins. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur and are thinking about starting out online, then you must first understand that giving value to your readers or customers is the most important thing. If you can get good quality original content on the web then it will get found. Remember Google rewards quality. Many people starting out online think that you can just put a website together, copy someone else's crappy content and start making money, it is not going to happen!

The main reason that a cool website design can make a big difference to how well your site performs in the search engines is one thing. User experience! Google and other analytical sites monitor how various visitors behave on our web pages. Let's say for instance that a visitor lands on your site from Google, takes one look at your site and immediately hits the back button and lands back on the Google search page, what does that tell Google? Exactly that Google hasn't given the visitor the page that he or she was looking for. This needs to occur a good percentage of times for the search engine to down grade your site for a specific keyword. This is known as bounce rate, a high bounce rate is bad and low one is good.

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