Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make Your Website Easy To Navigate And Add The Search Feature

Do you feel that your website is too difficult to navigate and that you are losing more audience than you are gaining, or that you just are not growing fast enough? If so, you are probably missing one key tool that will make your site much easier to manage and much more pleasurable to use. It is called the search function, and it enables people to find what they are looking for right away instead of needing to slog through unnecessary details. An audience that does not have access to a search feature could end up doing any or all of the following, so make sure that you give them what they want today.

Frustrated Emails

Getting frustrated emails is not a good thing, but it can have some positive effects. If you are attentive to the needs of your audience, then you will feel the need to follow up with the personal contacts that they make to you each day. If you sense their frustration, then you could be finding yourself responding to a lot more contacts than you have time for in a day while still managing your website. However, it can open your eyes to many of the things that are wrong with your site, including the need for a search function. And taking action based on those responses could lead to more satisfied audience members. However, it places more unnecessary work on your shoulders.

Losing Audience

Your audience can only take so much. If they feel that you should have a search function on your site, but you continue to stagnate, then it won't be long before they start leaving your site for one that is like yours but much easier to manage. This is what kills most websites before they get a chance to really blossom. A site owner gets lazy and decides to stop working on his little piece of online real estate. An audience member tries to have patience. Eventually, the irregular updates and the lack of usability drives him away. Giving your audience members the ability to search the web and your site at once will keep them happy. Just make sure that when they are searching the web, their results display in a new window. This ensures that they will (eventually) come back to your site.

By turning your site into a helper in the audience's enjoyment, you can take a lot of the heat off yourself and your design team, and you can focus more on publicizing your name, producing great content, and getting people who've never visited to take a chance on you. Remember you are a partner with the audience member in the online revolution. Give them a reason to trust you.

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