Thursday, July 21, 2011

Need A Cheap Website?

Most websites provide information about the company and their products which in turn offer prospective clients an insight into the company's background, products and services, this information gives a prospective client confidence, helping them to make a more informed choice of with whom to deal, some sites also offer the client the opportunity to purchase directly from their web pages. All websites require some input from the company or the person for whom they are to be created, it is not however realized that this time can also be spent creating the website more cheaply than by contracting a specialist web designer to do the job for them.

This creation of something that can be seen and interacted with through the click of a mouse by anyone with access to a computer appears at first to be a seemingly mystical gift of web design. This is considered to be Technical and done by specialist people referred to as "TECHIE" and most people are put off and look for simply getting the work done by outside specialist organizations. It is only by changing peoples perception of how a website is put together that this view can be changed, the knowledge is widely available but it is not always easy to understand how all the pieces fit together. The truth is that anyone who can read and write has the ability to put together a basic web page, once you understand the basic language used by computers, referred to as HTML, as well as a basic understanding of tables and how they are compiled you have the building blocks to create a web page.

Tables whilst sounding complicated are used everyday and most people with access to computer have at some time used Excel or a similar spreadsheet program. Think of a table this way, each cell of a spreadsheet is a part of a table, so if a web page consists of three columns, left side, center, right side then its like a spreadsheet with three cells in line across the page, (tr) determines the table row, (td) goes inside to create the data, you can alter the width of each cell by determining its width with (width="150") once the data cell is established you can put inside the body of the document which can consist of text, images or forms etc.

There is a great deal of difference between something being functional and another being perfect. A lot of time and research has been spent trying to discover what it takes to be perfect and it was found that to be good enough to be called perfect takes approximately 10,000 hours of practice on average, it is not a lot of use to anyone if you decide to create a perfect website to promote your business and then you are retired and sold the business before you have created the website you thought you needed, its much better to grasp the basics and improve has you gain experience, leave the maestro's to create perfection, whilst we just get promoting our businesses.

Quite a few single trades people plumbers, electricians decorators and even a few small to medium enterprises (SME's) may have thought about a web-based presence, but are put off by the relative high costs, there are many self-employed people including small shops and businesses, working in the country who do not have a website for their products or services, the costs of employing a specialist website developer to create a website for them is out of their reach financially, yet this website could return a serious amount of revenue over a 12 month period. The website you desire is nearer than you think, forget the difficulties and concentrate on making it possible.

P Barry the author lives in the UK (North Yorkshire), I am a business partner in Triume.

This is a business name through which we try to help the beginner make sense of the information business, after spending lots of time and effort myself trying to create the internet dream, we are now working to help the beginner really learn how in simple easy to understand steps create a website.

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