Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Website Design: Quality Website Content Increasing Conversion Rates and Sales

Effective website design involves many aspects. One which is often forgotten and prioritized behind the concepts of clean design and clever aesthetics is the content itself. The content of the website is a powerful marketing tool as it effectively and Emotive describes the business and its offerings to visitors of the site. It is important, therefore, to allocate time to strategies a plan for the content in the initial stages of website design. This is not only important from the perspective of grammar and presentation, but essential for SEO purposes.

Designing and writing effective website content can be a Time consuming and laborious task. It is vital that allocate specific time to the development of the text, developing a course of action as you would with any other business task. Planning a hierarchy of the pages, or setting out the site map, will aid in the process of defining what content is required to populate the specific pages being developed.

At this stage, it is a good strategy to conduct the keyword research; to define the specific keywords that will be utilized to attract targeted traffic to the website. An integral component of the website design is the navigation menu - how you get to specific pages on the website. Having completed the keyword research, a list will be able to be compiled which specifies the keywords which will be used for each page of the website, for each aspect of the business offerings to market, and the approximate number of visitors that search for these terms.

The keywords should be utilized for the formation of the navigation menu/site map. Additionally, quality website content serves two purposes; being to convert potential customers into actual customers, as well as providing the correct saturation (approximately 3%) of the keywords in the content for search engines to crawl and rank your website. Knowing the specific keywords that are going to be used in the website content before the writing begins will greatly aid this process.

It is often difficult to start writing quality website content when it is not a regular activity that is undertaken. Writing is a specific skill that many struggle with. Even the best of website design companies utilize their developers to create the content; this is why it is not completed correctly. You wouldn't get a nurse to service your car; and the same goes for content and copy writing.

Leading website design companies in Christchurch employ experienced writers, who are well published in both the online and offline environment, to complete the tasks on website content creation. This ensures that the website content is written to create a synergistic effect with the design; creating pathways to action through website content that is emotive, descriptive and designed to persuade the visitor to become an actual customer.

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Its an excellent and great post.An integral part of any web designing is to have quality website content.Content is said to be king of any website design.The content should be well researched, written and edited before you put it on your site, so that it attracts more business.Thanks for sharing such a good post.

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