Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Know If Your Web Design Needs Updating

Simply having a website for your business isn't enough to gain success online. Your web design needs to be up to date with the latest online trends, both in design and technology to attract viewers and to convey an image of your business as sophisticated and professional.

Trends in web design progress almost as quickly as seasonal fashion trends, so that your site, which features all the cool contemporary practices of a few years ago, may now be noticeably outdated. Updating your website can also introduce new online sales and marketing opportunities for your business which would not have been possible with your old website design.

Here are some tips on how to know if your web design needs refreshing:

Design Features: You don't have to look far for web design aesthetics that are scorned by professionals for being out of date and passe. Design features from the mid naughties such as grunge backgrounds, reflective features, cute animal mascots and giant RSS icons are gradually being disregarded in favour of cleaner looking and simpler web page designs. Even web design motifs popularly used just last year such as nostalgic images and backgrounds featuring paper textures, coffee cup stains and polaroid picture frames no longer match up to modern design principles. Online aesthetic trends move so quickly simply because most of the popular trends are quickly overused, becoming stale and losing their impact. A good way to avoid the daunting issue of web design trends is to create website designs that succeed without slavishly following fashions and to instead design to appeal your particular audience, using classic design principles.

Business Expansion: Web design updates should also be made when your business grows and expands. It is very easy to create sites and leave them; they don't take up any physical space and can easily be forgotten. The most successful websites however are constantly revised for relevant content that reflects the business they represent. Sometimes simply adding new pages to your design is sufficient to reflect small changes in your business, although complete overhauls may be needed to accommodate large expansions and new directions taken.

User Experience: One of the most glaring markers of an outdated web page design is content and navigation that isn't user friendly. If finding, navigating and accessing information on your site isn't easy for your viewers, then your website isn't serving its most basic purpose and needs to be updated.

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