Thursday, September 29, 2011

Discover The Web Design Basics For Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner who wants to have your very own website? Internet marketing is the big thing today and in almost every industry, a great percentage of your customers would probably be coming from the web. They are the ones who have laptops, desktops, tablet PCs and smart phones trying to look for something just like what you are offering. And for your website to be effective in connecting with your customers, you need to know about the web design basics.

So what are the major benefits you can get out of having a top quality website? It can be your office on the web, providing your customers with all the information that they would need so they could have a good understanding of your business and to help them decide if you are the right company for their needs. And if you put up a blog there, then you can easily update your customers about your latest promos or any major changes in the company.

To help find out what are the things you need from your website, here are some of the top web design basics.

Make sure that you it is clear to you what is the main purpose of your website. There are many types of websites and every business has a different need for it. For example, your website can simply be a blog which you will regularly update. It can also be a full-blown ecommerce site where you can sell your products and your customers can directly purchase.

Are you planning to put a lot of images on your website? Then I highly suggest that you limit the file size of your images otherwise it will have a considerable effect on your site's bandwidth. Bandwidth determines the speed and the number of files your site visitors can get from your website and this important for them to smoothly view it. With smaller file sizes it will be a lot less of a load on your bandwidth.

You must ensure that your website has an easy to find and understand navigation. By navigation it means your site visitors can easily find their way around your website and view the web pages they are interested to see. Often placing a navigation bar on the upper part of your site is the best approach to it.

Put a way for people to reach you. Often a contact page with a contact form will do. But if you are a business then you need something more than that. You should put your contact details like phone number, address, and email there. Give your customers more than one way to get in touch with you.

So there you have it. These are just a few of the web design basics every business owner or manager like you should know. While I believe that there are no perfect site design out there, you just need to have a website that your customers can have an easy access to so that they would have a better understanding of your company and of course of your products and services.

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To help find out what are the things you need from your website, here are some of the top web design basics.small business web design

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