Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Factors to Consider for eCommerce Design

eCommerce web design has a number of factors to consider when setting up a website. Website design does not need to be difficult. Evaluate what exactly your needs are for the web page and what you are trying to accomplish with your website. There a few basic steps when deciding on web design.

Security is the number one key when designing a website. Assuring that your eCommerce site is secure is essential to the success of your business. Customers wanting to patronise your website, will not do so if the site in unsecured. One incident of hacked payments has the ability to destroy your business. Guaranteeing that your site is able to accept payments safely is vital to success.

eCommerce web design should be kept as simple as possible. Customers are visiting your website to buy, not to be amazed at your design skills. Use clear descriptions and pictures. Standard fonts that are easy on the eye are best. Keeping the website as low key as possible is good. Make sure your pricing is accurate. A customer who discovers incorrect prices will be annoyed and leave your business site, likely to never return. Do not overwhelm your customer with flash ads. Overwhelming colours, blinking fonts or pictures has the ability to drive away potential customers.

Be responsive. A responsive site will allow your customers the ability to navigate easily around the site. Items available for purchase should be easy to find. Incorporate a top notch search engine within the site. The search engine should be sensitive enough to pick up key search words and even misspelled key words.

Be compelling with your web design. Encourage your customers to browse. Make the checkout procedure as simple and easy as possible. Streamline the process, so that your customers can easily input needed information and checkout quickly. The faster a buyer is able to complete the purchase, the more likely they are to follow through.

Complicated shopping carts and checkouts increase the likelihood that your customer will abandon their shopping car mid-purchase. Have a comparison feature, so your buyers are able to compare like items. Show buyers what others have purchased when buying similar items in their cart.

Simple, responsive and compelling are the keys ways to build an eCommerce site. These methods help to guarantee an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. Customers that enjoy your website design and products are more likely to buy and be repeat customers.

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