Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Web design is like designing your house. They can see what kind of website they are in just by it's design. Every little detail can mean a lot. It can speak a lot about the pages. The web pages should be on the right part, and every buttons should be visible and easy to find. Web Design should be appealing to the site without losing the connection to the company product. Anything inappropriate as your design can give a big impression to the majority user. A product website should be informative and friendly to current and potential users.

Everything in your website should complement each other. It supposedly talking to the users and teach them what to do next. Easy navigation is one key of a good web design. Don't hide those buttons from the visitors. The more they can't find it, the less they enjoy touring in your site. It's like being on a shopping website and they can't find the 'Add to cart' button. If these things happened, they won't come back and you'll lose a client.

An eye catching color can attract the users, but it should be more eyes friendly. Considering the clients position is a better way for make a web design. They can be meaningful in some persons. Colors can tell a lot of things. Be careful in mixing some colors in the web. If your font color is red and the background color is blue, then you may annoy those users having problem with this color when mix. They might use a high ligtener just to be able to read it. Better know the colors that complimented each other so the website can be not just informative but also pleasing to the eyes.

Proper using of the designs can affect the loading time of your website. Like what it said earlier, everything in your website should complement each other. Flash websites can be appealing to your website but you must consider other people's computer that don't allow flash. Not everybody will allow this to be installed. Websites can carry heavy designs, but it may take the risk for the loading speed. It can slow or speed up the loading time by seconds. The higher the speed many task can be done by the users. The prolonged loading time may lose the client. Many company may have lose five percent of their client due to this problem.

Web design has a deep connection to an appealing website. Content and friendly designs can make your website traffic. Always take in mind that the company website is the closest tour guide of your client in the internet. They can provide the clients and new users information about what kind of company you are.

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