Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Key Features of Church Websites Design

Are you interested in building a website for your church, but aren't sure about which church websites design to use? While there are a ton of options, here are some of the key features to consider when creating the design of your website:

1. Database

Databases are an invaluable tool for any church websites design. They can store crucial records, including contacts, donors, and so on. When creating a design for your church's website, it's important to include a database for such information. This isn't to say that visitors to the website are just names that are stored electronically. On the contrary, keeping records of people who are important to your church helps to recognize them as special individuals.

2. Ease-of-Use

When choosing a design for your church's website, look for companies that provide tools that are relatively easy to learn and use. They can be powerful. However, just as importantly, they shouldn't be overly difficult or time-consuming to master.

3. Graphics

Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words. When creating a church websites design, graphics are one of the most important components to add. Text should be the essence of the site. However, graphics can help to add some pizzazz to your church's website by adding variety to the website, and breaking the monotony that can exist in text-only homepages. When designing a website (such as those for churches) it's important to add the "right" number of graphics. They should complement the text, without detracting from it. Choosing the right template for your website can make it significantly easier to add and delete graphics from your website.

4. Marketing

As the costs of operating organizations such as churches increase, the importance of marketing also rises. While churches are non-profit organizations, there are still bills to pay. A website provides churches with an excellent marketing tool, for both current and potential members. This includes announcements about fundraisers, advertisers on the website, and so on. Also, since e-commerce is becoming more and more common, the use of a website provides an extremely convenient way for people to donate to churches.

5. Variety

When choosing a design for your website, look for companies that provide a wide array of different professional designs. While there's no "magical" number, choosing a church websites design is much easier when you can choose from tens, hundreds, or even thousands of such designs. Yes, you'll need to tweak them for your church. However, different churches have different objectives and target markets. Having enough design options will help you to choose the perfect one for your particular organization.

6. Web-Hosting

The "perfect" website won't be very practical if visitors can't access it. So when creating a church websites design, it's crucial that the web-hosting be quick and secure. Fast web-hosting will allow visitors to receive information from the website in a timely manner. Meanwhile, secure web-hosting will ensure that unscrupulous people will be unable to intercept any data that it sent or received from the website. While the content of website is certainly important, the quality of the web-hosting is just as crucial in the overall quality of a website's design.

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