Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why Is Having a Website So Important?

Having a website allows you to have a virtual storefront 24 hours a day. You can go away on vacation, and still benefit from having customers visit you online. The internet is such an amazing resource of information, that more and more people are learning how to utilise it to their advantage. Once you become accustomed to its use, the internet becomes a very easy tool to use and a very cost effective way of advertising your business. The internet has also created an equal playing field for small and large businesses so that they can expand their market to the world.

The best part about having a presence on the internet is the availability of people at your disposal. Having a website is the first step in setting up your shop, but you will have to let the internet community know you are there. This is where marketing comes into play through mediums such as blogging, article writing, social media (such as Facebook), links, and much more. There are endless ways to expand your market and connect with other individuals and businesses. The possibilities are endless; you just need the time and imagination. Another great part about having a website is that it is easily changeable to adapt along with your company.

The majority of business owners are very busy people, and often they will hire a web designer and marketer to create appeal and attention. The price of marketing online is far more cost-effective than conventional marketing. It is also far more effective than traditional methods, which are often referred to as the 'shot-gun' approach; getting as many ads out as you can, and hoping that it reaches your specified audience or quiche. It is important to remember that most people nowadays rely heavily on the internet for news, information, shopping, advertising, and more.

75% of internet users have the intent to purchase when using search engines.
-Statistic from RedCroix

Online marketing puts your product or service in front of the right people; the people who are looking for it. Think of it like walking into a large building with different floors, and various rooms full of people wanting different things. The point is to find the room where people are seeking your product and/or service, and then get into that room and start making connections. It takes some leg work, but thankfully there are web professionals out there who can narrow down the search and help get you potential customers within a short period of time.

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