Friday, October 21, 2011

Website Building Starts With Your Freedom of Choice

The freedom of website administration can be a challenge when your website is designed by someone else or is one of the available "free" deals. A freebie website may sound appealing in the beginning with money as a consideration, and of course, who doesn't plan their website with the money factor as a part of the constructive considerations. The question arises; is saving cash for a "free" website or shelling out for a professional worth compromising the freedom of ownership when it comes to your very own website?

Like me you may not have the time to learn the skills that are needed to create a quality website that you can be proud of and want to share. There are alternatives when the skill or time is lacking, and with all the offers that we are confronted with in the net, it may be confusing to decide what suits you best.

Here are a few points that you may want to reflect upon before making your choice.

Free to be?

It cannot be yours if you take the offer of a free website and have less than 10 colors and 5 templates to choose from, if you are fortunate enough to even have that much choice. It cannot be called yours when the domain name (web address) is not yours to choose. It cannot be called yours if you cannot up-date as you please, when you please. It cannot be called yours when you do not have a choice who will advertise on "your" website. Yes money has been saved, but at the price of the pride of owner ship and the enjoyment of creation as well as a pleasing experience for your targeted viewers.

Design; take it or leave it.

To trust an experienced designer is certainly an alternative, you may have a sense of freedom with colors and design but you will be saying hello to your wallet and goodbye to its contents. Choice may not be a sacrifice by finding a designer that you can work with from the beginning and throughout the ownership of your website. You should find out up front if the designer will always be available to make updates when and how you choose but if the designer says; here is your website with no future modifications possible, is it then yours?

Not all templates are created equal.

A paid for pre-template within a hosting plan is one of the best available choices for those who are just starting out, want to switch from a freebie or maybe you are in a designer lock-down. Be careful of those who create and offer their templates as a take it or leave it type situation, look for freedom to design within the pre-template itself and the chance to up-date your design whenever you please. When there is a large number of pre-templates to choose from it may cause slight exhaustion when deciding, but with more templates available and the freedom of self design creation within the template there is a better chance that your choice will not be everybody else's choice.

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