Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Create a Drupal Website

If we are going to create a website in drupal, the first thing to do is to download the latest version of Drupal. Drupal is available free to download, as it is an open source content management system (CMS). We will learn and use the tools available on Drupal to make an attractive and viable website. While downloading it is wise to write down your user name, password and other relevant information, so that you do not have difficulty in re-accessing the account.

What's in a name?

The old question asked by Juliet, 'what's in a name?' is faulted by the World Wide Web. A good domain name is crucial for the success of a website. Therefore the first step is to decide upon a good name for your website. Once decided you have to verify whether it is available for use as many domain names are already registered. It is always good to have a name which stirs up an image related to your product or service.

Your level of expertise

Once you have Drupal, it is wise to use all its tools and get the general feel of the CMS. If you are an expert, this should not be a problem but a beginner might feel a bit frustrated in using all the commands. Therefore be patient and create something as a way to learn before really going for your final version of your website

Product decides the style

There is a section in Drupal which shows many sites built with the Drupal development. These can be on diverse topics like sports, medicine or astronomy. You get a great idea of what kind of website is required for your particular product here. So, now one can either select a template or design a theme from scratch. For this one has to go to Drupal gardens. Here you can go through all the themes available and select the one which suits your purpose. One can actually see how the themes are composed of blocks, text and pictures. One can move these around to see how a page can be composed. There are files of pictures and images which can be used on your website.

Training while you create

Drupal is constructed with the use of PHP. The great thing about Drupal is that you do not need to do any intricate programming. All the ingredients for your website are available as easily maneuverable sections which can be moved around on web pages to make a site which satisfies your requirements. The documentation section is another tool on Drupal which is well worth getting familiar with. There is a recipe section which can be used to gain knowledge about creating any sort of website, perhaps something like YouTube or perhaps a site for posting available jobs in your city.

Basic ingredients

In the beginning it is better to keep things simple. Your website is going to consist of four or five sections. These are headers and footers, text blocks, images and sidebars.

Drupal Modules

Another fine tool available on Drupal is Modules. These will further help you fine tune your business specific website. Drupal is the perfect tool for creating a website without requiring knowledge in coding and programming.

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