Friday, November 11, 2011

The Web Versus Governments of the World

Some sectors of society in democratic states have expressed concern over the widespread incidence of a new addiction that cannot be easily controlled. It victimises all ages in all sectors including innocent 2 and 3 year olds spanning wide even to elderly people barely able to move their bodies without help. The new addiction is a result of the introduction of the Internet for public use. Computers in themselves have been considered as the most important invention of the century as they facilitate completion of tasks in an accurate, fast and effective manner. Work had become so fast and easy that human beings are already able to do multiple tasks in any given work environment, be it domestic, office- or plant-based jobs.

The new addiction had started as a happy occasion for humans who had suddenly acquired direct access to the whole world via the Web. It has brought about enormous savings to companies and individuals as it has eliminated most travel costs relating to doing business or even personal matters. Sending documents to recipients halfway across the globe now happen in a blitz, in a matter of seconds. The Internet has even made possible transfer of digital data such as photos and blueprints to any place on the planet. Although yet expensive as a technology, even scents can now be digitised and sent over the internet the way we send and receive textual data - a very good tool for the perfumery industry.

However, as man has become used to the positive impacts of the Web to his life, he started to think of ways he can use it for leisure and entertainment - actually not a bad idea altogether if man is only able to contain himself and put a little discipline on what he does. But there is that tendency that, although debatably, is inherent in man to abuse himself and anything within his reach. As man abuses supposedly healthy drugs, spirits and wines, he similarly abuses the Web to an extent that is staggeringly threatening especially to the youth who, whether we like it or not, are prone to stray from the good and proper if not guided by the right authorities such as parents. But what if the parents are themselves abusive and wayward? This is what really makes it difficult for the society to maintain a healthy environment, physical or cybernetic.

In the case against the Web versus governmental and societal concern against addiction to it, there cannot be a defined verdict as the Web is not the actual culprit but man himself in his inability to discipline himself.

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