Thursday, November 3, 2011

Websites, Good Or Bad - They Serve A Purpose!

Welcome to "Websites 101!" This article is designed to explain the basics of websites and their purpose. Right off of the bat, a distinction between good and bad is necessary. What one calls good, another calls bad. What one calls wrong, another calls right. For the purpose of this article, I want to specifically direct your thoughts to a moral compass. A positive environment is one that uplifts for the common good and creates a desire to serve others or display behaviors that are of innocence or humility. Good is therefore supported by a value system built upon positive behaviors.

Okay, this definition will suffice now for a discussion on websites. When I was growing up as a child, there was no internet, cell phones, iPods, or digital cameras. For those who have this at their fingertips now are some lucky ducks. I actually believe that my life as a child or teenager would have been much more productive, or perhaps, destructive. Think about the amount of information available in almost an instant when searching via the internet. For anyone who loves to learn about essentially anything, it is right there in front them ripe for the gleaning.

Unfortunately, some aspects of so many websites provide information that is self-defeating and personally destructive to an individual's character. But, that is what the opportunity is all about; a personal choice for you or I to make. Hopefully it will be a very positive decision to use the opportunity to grow and be edified from a learning environment. Truly, this tool is a learning center; a place for molding our minds with the plethora of information and data. So, what is the purpose of a website? Purpose is decided by the creator. It is designed by the motivation, desire, and/or outcomes sought to further a cause or agenda.

Websites offer a tremendous opportunity to espouse the creativity of young and old minds alike. It is a form of expression to challenge or support the thoughts and opinions of others. Articles are written to instill a sense of what it means to be persuaded or convinced that the information contained therein is noteworthy. Ultimately, websites will be sought after as a means of delighting the mind and soothing the soul by way of a simple little thing known as an address. Indeed, a web address can be a site for sore eyes. Happy surfing!

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