Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why HTML5 Is the Future of Web Technology

Any good web designer will tell you that the new technology of HTML5 is going to cause a big shakeup in the web design industry. For years Flash was seen by some as the must use platform for creating rich animated websites. However, these people didn't stop to think about the severe issues it had, they were blinded by the powerful and often unnecessary animations or sound effects you could use.

The truth is that Flash was always a cumbersome technology and was always going to be replaced. In order to discuss the benefits of HTML5 Lets first talk about the drawbacks of web design in the ill-fated platform of Flash.

Lack of Search Engine Optimisation

Imagine Flash as literally a video file where the software then runs the streaming of information in that video. To Search Engines they literally see nothing apart from maybe a few keywords within the Flash file. This is bad for two reasons: Firstly, none of your internal navigation or text can be recognised in order to build a full picture of your website. It is also because you have the ability to fake the true content of the file. For Search Engines this will not score you any points, especially after the dramas of the early 00's of mimicking age rated content as a general age friendly website.

Compatibility Issues

Another major drawback is the compatibility issues that come up. While it is true you can easily have compatibility problems with standard websites, using Flash adds an additional layer of problems. In web design, designers simply stick to standards and quite often they are absolutely fine. In other cases they are options to make sites backwards compatible using browser detection on the fly.

Performance Issues

Performance is a real killer of flash, while most well developed elements will run well; poor coding can often cause Flash to crash quite severely often locking up the browser being used. This caused a major frustration to the user and the resulting functionality of your site.

No iPhone Support

It is well known fact that Apple devices simply have zero support for the much loved Adobe platform. Apple has been one of the key players of pushing HTML5 in web design for a couple years now. While initially a frustration for me, we believe a lot of web designers will be thanking Apple for this in the months to come.

So what are the main HTML5 Benefits?

HTML is built from the ground up to be as simple as possible. Now each element in an HTML5 structure has its in header, content and footer tags. As a result, code is clean, easy to read and most importantly is very SEO friendly.

For animated content, low overhead is something that HTML5 prides itself in. Now HTML for the first time ever can harness the power of your graphics card on your PC, Mac or mobile graphics chipset. Of course, it's still the early days of animated content, but within a couple of years users will be able to enjoy a massive array of free HTML5 libraries.

We're going to see a big amalgamation in web design focus between desktop, tablet and mobile platforms. Each one will be considered equal as the market share spreads. HTML5 in addition to its benefits in layout thinks about all these devices as a whole.

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