Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Corporate Web Design - Do You Really Need One?

It seems like every day it gets easier for people to create their own website; so do you really need to spend money to have a company create a corporate web design for your business? Are you going to get a lot of advantages over having it created by a professional, or are you just off loading something that you should be able to have done 'in-house', to a company that's going to charge you a small fortune? Let's have a look, shall we?

Although a lot of the pre-made websites that you'll see being sold seem to be exactly what you're looking for (at the time), you'll find that many of them will have to have a number of quite serious modifications made to them before you can use them for your own business. That's not to say that there are a lot of coding problems with them, that need to be corrected; it's more a case of the company being good at their corporate web design, but not necessarily knowing what you're going to need, in the way of corporate website development, to get the site to do what it has to for your company.

For instance; if you were running a business that needs to be able to take bookings, you'll be able to find a number of different website packages that will give you the look that you want, but that website may not be able to integrate with the booking system that you've paid a lot of money to have developed. You can find some great websites that include both a good looking corporate web design, and a functional booking system, but it's usually a very limited feature, and you have little to no contact with the website developer so as to get the package customized.

Could you have the corporate website development done by people in your own company? Sure, you probably could, but is that something that they have been trained to do? Would you have to hire an employee specifically to do the job, and then either have to pay them a full monthly salary to maintain the system, or look to redeploy them somewhere else in the company?

You could, of course, just hire an experienced corporate website development company, and have them do it for you. The big advantage of doing that is you get people with a huge amount of expertise working on your website, and you aren't employing them fulltime. If you have a contract with the company, to maintain the system, then you can get them around to make any changes that are necessary to upgrade your website, and you don't have to pay for a member of staff to keep up with all of the most recent programming developments.

There are, other advantages, too. You will have full input on what your corporate web design needs to be like, to take advantage of the brand that your company is building; you'll be able to have features added that may be specific to either the industry that you're working in, or the way the you want to stand out from the crowd; and the corporate website development team should be able to tell you about some of the newer internet developments that you really should be taking advantage of i.e. a link to the social media sites, and being able to fully access your website through mobile devices.

If you're serious about your web presence, and know that it's going to lead to as much brand awareness about your company/product as almost anything that you do offline - especially if you're a small to medium sized company - then you'll realized that an 'off the shelf' solution for your corporate web design may not be the answer. Take some time to research web design companies, and then choose the best one to take your corporate website development on to new heights; getting the corporate web design right now, will make your life so much easier in the future.

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