Monday, December 12, 2011

Dental Logo Tips For Those Who Wish To Upgrade Their Professional Image

Whether you are a seasoned dentist or one who is just starting up a new practice, there is no denying the fact that you need to make sure your professional image looks good. Whether you need a new dental logo or would like to have your current one revamped, here are a few tips to help you upgrade your professional image.

Keep It Simple

Granted that people do not really like to visit the dentist but on the flip side, dental practices need to project a positive and professional image to clients. People are already not too happy to go visit the dentist but if they could be assured that the services rendered are professional, courteous and reliable, that would at least have made it worth while for them to check out your practice. When having a dental logo designed, make sure to keep it simple. People should be able to quickly identify with your logo when they see it. Obviously you won't have the time or expertise to create one. Look for some logo design services online as these professional designers will be able to help create a good one for you.

Don't Complicate Things

If you are going to include a tag line, please keep it short. Some would only want the name of their dental practice on the logo. Avoid complicating things. For those who wish to have their existing dental logo upgraded or revamped, it's always advisable to look through a few design options. Bottom line, your new logo needs to look better than the old one. Smoother lines or more color? Perhaps a completely different design all together? If unsure, you could always check out the different designs that were created by the designers that you are engaging their services for. They will be able to show you some of their client portfolio for you to get a better idea on what they are able to produce. Some design companies would have a client portfolio on their site for easier viewing.

Don't Be Afraid Of Change

Some dentists may not like the idea of change. However, there's no denying that after 5 years in the business you are still stuck with the same image and clients, you may want to consider having a complete image revamp. Even Pepsi has changed their logo several times while they continue to grow their market. So don't be afraid of change. In fact, embrace it and see how this will improve your business further.


Getting an image upgrade won't cost you a lot. Just remember to keep it simple, uncomplicated and don't be afraid to change. All the best.

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