Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Use WordPress for Your First Website

You are probably reading this because you're thinking about making a website but you're pretty new to the game. You might not know any HTML, or any other programming language for that matter, and you've been doing some online research. You may or may not have heard of WordPress but, if you fit the description above, it's about to become your new favorite thing.

What the Heck is WordPress?

WordPress is what is known as a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is a program that, in the website creation world, makes it very easy to create, store and display content. It's a database driven system but don't let that word "database" scare you off. All of the heavy lifting gets done in the background and you really won't need to know anything at all about databases. Down the line, once you get some experience, you'll learn a bit but it is not necessary to know anything about them to make a WordPress website. One of the nice things about this is it's an Open Source program which means, among other things, it's free to use.

Why WordPress is Good for Beginners

For one you won't need to know anything about HTML which is the main markup language the Internet is built on. The WordPress software will do all the HTML creation for you in the back ground. You won't need to understand File Transfer Protocol (FTP) either though you'll probably learn about it later on. All you'll really need to know how to do is type and click a mouse. This may sound like a massive understatement but, to make a good looking and operational website, that's really all you need. For the beginner it lets you make a nice website quickly and as your skills increase the program will "grow" with you.

What it can do

You will be astounded what this system can do. Starting from a very basic site you will be able to do the simple stuff like create unlimited pages and blog posts, post images and videos, create web forms, RSS feed, comments, email newsletters and all of that. In addition, through the use of thousands of free "plugins" you can expand the site into a photoblog, a video blog, create an online ecommerce store with built in ordering systems, create membership based sites, incorporate event scheduling, contact management, allow other people to post on your site and so much more. Through the use of themes you can easily change the entire look and layout of your site in seconds. Long story short this system can do just about anything you can image.

Take Away

I've tried all sorts of website builders and CMS solutions. WordPress is, in my opinion, by far the best for any beginner...even if you have absolutely no idea about any of this stuff. As your skills and understanding grows you'll be able to do more and more with your website or blog.

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