Monday, December 19, 2011

The Value Of Web Content Strategy

When most individuals think of web design, it's safe to say that design is the first thing that comes to mind. After all, web design appears to be predominantly aesthetic-driven. However, it might be surprising for those individuals to consider the power of language, specifically web content strategy, on the success and growth of a business.

Consider the following benefits of seamlessly crafted content for a small business, through web design:


While it might seem that branding is the sole responsibility of logo design, custom web design, and other design related elements, that would be false. Branding is also meticulously crafted through language and content, in an attempt to reinforce the design elements and mood of the business. Once a business has established the look and feel of their brand, the writer can carefully use language to market the brand online. Through blogging, forum posting, article marketing, acquiring back links, the verbiage aids in optimizing traffic and increasing search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let's expand on the last thought mentioned in branding. Web content has the ability to vastly increase a website's ranking on search engines, like Google. After all, the ultimate goal of most website owners is to increase the targeted traffic and receive return on investment. A large portion of SEO has to do with increasing conversion rates. By optimizing calls to action and fine-tuning the web language, text can be the catalyst to increase conversion rates. This will allow business owners to obtain more clients and, further, invest more money into the business and marketing campaign.

Update Your Web Content

In order to stay ahead of the game with web jargon, you should always consider your competitors. Always assuming that your competitors are utilizing fresh language is a great means of staying on your toes. Most businesses are opting for a blog section these days. Aside from being interactive, blogs allow for the business owner to update content on a habitual manner. This fresh, innovative text is the best way to attract a target audience, as well as index your site on Google. The more pages you create for your site, the better.

Things To Consider When Writing

Writing web content, or blogs, is not an easy feat for just anybody. Assuming you are not hiring a web design company to create your own text, you can and should consider the following tips:

* Target your copy according to location

* Don't make copy too long - get it right and to the point

* Make sure the language is clean and information/helpful

* Structure the text layout - individuals like lists and bullet points; so do search engines

* Implement simple language - the search engines will crawl this easier

* Use the best possible keywords for your industry

* Make sure the keyword density is appropriate (not too many, nor too little)

* Create unique copy always - never duplicate!

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