Wednesday, January 25, 2012

E-Commerce Website Business Prices: Options With Different Features

Selling products online has never been easier, all thanks to the e-commerce functionality now available at many websites. The e-commerce function on many websites allows consumers to easily transact and purchase from a seller even without interaction. It processes your orders automatically. There are various technologies and solutions you can use to develop an e-commerce website. Since options vary greatly, it can be hard for many people as to which technology and solution to employ that will benefit their business.

Cost is one of the major concerns of website owners when it comes to choosing an e-commerce web design company. While there is no average cost as to how much you will likely spend on such services there are some generalizations and estimations on the price range you can expect. Such estimations come from different factors that can affect your overall expenditure. Here are some of the e-commerce website business price options and their estimated prices to give you insights on how much you might spend in a months and years time.

- Turnkey e-commerce solution provider - it is software that was developed for years and is now available for prospective website owners for purchase or for rent. It can be hard to spot the best software there is but by having a criteria and an idea of what you want and need for your website you can easily spot which software is best for you. Companies that provide such software offer various other services such as shopping cart software, expert sales consultation, free technical and customer support plus various other items. If you want to get the best software company for your business choose one that has e-commerce as their main feature and service. The e-commerce website business prices for the software alone costs about $75-$90 per hour for the designers and development aspect. Overall, just for this service, it is estimated that you will be spending roughly $99.95 per month or about $999.50 annually.

- Interactive Firm - by partnering with such interactive firms, you can expect a fully customized website built specifically for you alone. You can expect your e-commerce function, web design, and other added features on your website to be built according to how you want each to function and look like. Although this component can cost greatly than the aforementioned with the design and developers team costing about $125-$175 per hour giving you an average rate of $25,000-$50,000 annual bill. If you have a specific design in mind and prefer external sources to maintain it for you, partnership with firms is the best option for you.

- Web templates - this is best for companies low on budget to even have a professional website in terms of appearance and functionality. Although features and services are limited, if you are just starting out with your business this can be a great stepping stone. Price range starts at $299 to $1299 paid one time only.

E-commerce website business prices entail one to spend a bit more than he can expect. If you want a professional website that has great services and features expect to pay more. The more features and services that your website has the more you will have to pay as well.

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