Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Features To Be Incorporated Into the Non Profit Website Design

Charity organizations can be private or public in nature. In either case, they are nonprofit organizations which are committed to a charitable mission. The success of any nonprofit organization depends on the number of members and amount of donations received. One of the best ways to gain members and donations is by designing an attractive webpage. A website is a must have for any organization in today's world of technological advancements. However, due to the limited funds, most nonprofit organizations have to be content with an average website. In order to be successful, the non profit website design should include certain vital aspects. Ideally, the website should be neat, easy to navigate, transparent and alluring.

Every charity organization will have a mission or aim. This mission should compulsorily be provided on the homepage if the website. Most visitors to the website will be unaware of the nonprofit organization's goal. An effective mission statement can be used to convert the visitors into members and donors. This statement should be given in a noticeable part of the website which should not be missed by any visitor. The mission statement should be brief yet informative. The information provided on the website should be reliable. The organization can dedicate a section to providing information about their achievements and daily activities.

All relevant details regarding the organization should be provided on the webpage. Multiple contact information should also be provided, if possible. Background information such as founding date, key events and past performances may be included. A lot of visitors to the website will be attracted by such facts and information. Donations are critical to the functioning of any nonprofit organization. Hence the design of the webpage should include information for potential donors. Information regarding the use of money, tax deductions, donation programs, etc. can be provided.

Provisions for making donations over the internet should also be made. With the various advancements in internet banking technology, there are several ways by which one can easily donate money. The website should enable a number of such methods. Volunteers are also an integral part of the charity organization. Hence the non profit website design should include details for possible volunteers. Details such as the various methods through which volunteers can partake in activities of the nonprofit organization can be furnished on the site.

Photos are a powerful motivator. Posting photographs of the charity organization's activities is a good way to attract a lot of donors and volunteers. Incorporating the features mentioned above into the website design of a nonprofit organization can significantly increase its success. Several web designers offer their services fee of cost or at minimal rates to nonprofit organizations. Such services may be employed to create an attractive website. Creating a website is not a complex procedure. Hence the charity organization can create a site on its own. With a little creativity, a professional touch can be imparted to the webpage. Having a webpage is useless if the information provided is outdated. Hence the nonprofit organization should update the site on a regular basis.

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