Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Planning to Have a New Website? It Doesn't Have to Be a Headache

You've been thinking about starting up a website for some time, but it's too complex to get your head round and you always find other more important things which take priority, buts it's not as awe inspiring as you may imagine. In fact it's a relatively straight forward process; it just takes some thought and planning.

First of all why do you want a website? What is its purpose? Who do you want to visit it? Are you planning a personal page to show the events of your life and family in words and images? Is the idea to start a hobby site, and attract like minded people from all over the world to join in with ideas exchanges and article contributions etc?

Maybe your plan is to make money online? Internet trading is worth billions every month, and with a good idea which fulfils a need or a gap in the market which you have identified, you are well on your way to making a share of that colossal sales revenue.

Either way, you will need to know how to go about it, and what to avoid when looking into the multitude of website building and hosting options available to you.

The secret to successful Web Design & Development is a friendly and approachable designer or team of website designers and search engine marketing specialists whom you can relate to. No jargon required, just plain talking and advice is what you need, so that you finally select someone you feel you can work with and have trust in.

Some companies out there won't get out of bed for less than a few thousand dollars, whilst others could be so smart in their approach to business that they can deliver top quality design and support services at a fraction of the cost of some of the more arrogant suppliers. Nowadays there are web design companies which offer fixed price deals in accordance with the number of pages required, so you can get a great quality website at a very affordable price with no hidden extras.

Speak to a few companies which appear high in the SERPS - Search Engine Results pages. It doesn't necessarily follow that website designers in the top ten search engine results means that they are the most expensive, but one thing's for sure, if they do appear on the first page of Google Yahoo and Bing, they know what they are doing!

So it all starts with listening, that is, the companies you approach should be listening to your needs, your hopes your ambitions and dreams for your website, and to then formulate a plan, which enables them to offer you clear, no-jargon advice on the most appropriate way forward to have your site developed and launched.

This is the start of your journey together, and they should be looking after you with a view to retaining you as a client for life.

Working with a creative team you'll see your site evolve as you move through the design and build process, and you can work closely with them and provide valuable input to ensure you are delighted with the final outcome.

After-sales support is also something you need to be sure of. You'll need a friendly support team to help you all the way, and which prides itself on excellent communication with their clients. After all, once your website is complete that's just the beginning of your adventure. Now you need to get the site marketed and visible on the internet.

Professional website designers are using the traffic information to formulate effective internet marketing plans and strategies and implement them to get the most out of the desired responses. Some also offer search engine optimization to allow your website to generate a lot of hits or be placed on top of the search list whenever a user employs a search engine to look for businesses or services similar to yours.

So whilst there is a lot to think about, it won't be the headache you envisaged if you make sure you obtain friendly professional advice from the outset.

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