Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Qualities That Must Be Kept In Mind While Designing a Non Profit Website for Charity

Most non profit websites are created in association with an organization or an institution. They are basically created as part of a program which is initiated by the particular organization. The programs might vary from charity to other societal centered activities. Non profit websites will function with an idea in its center. It will be activity oriented and is designed get people involved in the program. Hence it is the active participation of the members which makes a non profit website what it is.

All charity institutions are non profit organization. In order to make their activities more effective and to give it a global nature, most of these organizations design their own individual websites. This helps them to reach out to new people, breaking away from the center and reaching out towards the peripheries. Designing a charity website is different from designing a regular website. The primary focus should be on the idea of charity itself.

Charity websites are not meant to be flashy and self-reflexive. That will take away the cause for which the organization stands for. In order to create the right impact, the website need to device a designing pattern which entices the browsers to be a part of the charity. Unlike other websites, most non profit websites like charity websites does not generate its revenue from advertisements. The only source of revenue is the donation made by the browsers. This leads to the next important aspect in non profit website designing.

Since non profit websites depend on donations made by its members, it is absolutely essential to have an easy-to-identify donation button on the website. Also, the donation process should not be a complicated process. This will only lead to browsers getting more annoyed at the donation process. Some charity websites demand the browsers to become an active member in order to donate. This is not a good idea as not everyone would like to be a member of donation websites. Moreover, the registration process itself could take additional time. People who want to donate must be allowed to donate straight away.

More than the donation process, it is the activity which you do is more important. Just be clear as to what kinds of charity program are you involved with and where is your field of work. Also mention exactly where the money generated through the donations goes. This will give more credibility to your website. The more information you provide, the more interested the people will be.

Even though a non profit website is different from commercial websites in terms of form and content, some aspects of corporates websites are useful for designing a non profit website. One feature which must be common to both kinds of websites is its user friendly nature. Also, just like some good corporate websites, non profit charity websites also need to have an easy navigation and every day updating. Be true to whatever you do with the website. Do not see this as scam by which you can make some quick dough. This will tarnish the image of your organization and might even result in lawsuits.

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