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Grab Readers' Attention With Web Design Methods

One of the best ways to draw readers to your website is to design a visually pleasing web page. One of the easiest ways to grab your readers' attention is to change the font size of the headline. News sites, for instance, may change, or as much as even double their font size of their headline during a particular event. CNN.com, for example changed their headline from 20 to 48 pixel font-size during the war in Iraq, when Saddam Hussein was killed with a single photo of his body reading with the phrase "Dead." This is just one simple example of grabbing readers. Many other important headlines may also change font size, larger than their standard headlines. However, font changes do not have to just occur on web pages that are either newsworthy or e-commerce sites. Maybe someone you know is writing a blog and have a web page based on their cancer progress. Obviously the statement, "Cancer Free!" is going to be larger than the rest of the website reading. It goes the same as with this article for example. The headers are in bold. When designing a web page, think along those conditions and standards.

Making Your Web Site Visually Appealing Using Type to Get More Looks

Using larger font to catch attention is not a new-age concept. Newspapers have done it for decades. However, there's no need to go crazy with font changes, as it can also become distracting. There are some things to consider.

1. Level of importance
Consider whether or not it is necessary to use the biggest font you can find to advertise a third off at the hardware store. People would be more interested in the eye-grabber if it was really important. Like if the sale was 75 percent off, you might want to be obnoxiously large with your font. Otherwise, no need. It just turns people off away from your message.

2. Normal font size on web page
If everything on your web page is 30 point font, no one is going to notice a 40 point font increase. However, if you usually write your web page in a 15 point font, a 30 point font headline, which is double the size, will be a significant and obvious change, indicating that you mean business and your readers will take notice of its importance.

3. What's significant enough to make you change your font size?
Consider what standards are indicative of a major font increase in your headline. If it is a retail website, and you're offering 25 percent off, use larger font that's not too overwhelming. However, if you are offering a blow out sale, use huge fonts to get the point across. This is the same guidelines for other headlines, not just advertising. It doesn't take a marketing director to figure this all out. Many other people have websites. Just pre-determine what triggers a font increase.

The size of font change isn't the only way to grasp readers' attention. There are other aesthetics that can also create emphasis. If you usually use sans-serif font, change to serif. It's a minimal change but people will take notice. Try changing the font style. Either use a different font altogether or bold, underline or italicize it. Use colors that indicate importance such as red or a bold thick black. Other bold, bright colors will also stand out. Trial and error is the best test.

Other Attention-Getter Methods

* Use images, graphics, or clip art to draw attention to the web page. Photos are always visually pleasing and can help express a point more clearly or often impact others and make the topic more memorable or to even create a theme.

* Change layout. Spice it up a bit and move things around. You want people to be able to navigate your website but for example, if it's Breast Cancer Awareness month (October), change your layout and buttons to pink shaded colors. Use layout to not only attract attention, but often to create a mood. If it's the anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, use images of her as the background to your website. Google is one website that is constantly changing their main page logo. It gives people something to talk about.

* Use visual animation. Where you would normally have one dimensional images, try using animation such as a flash or give it a marquee scrolling look. Options are limitless when using animation. You can really make an impact, plus show off design skills.

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

Don't use every single one of these techniques. You will have overkill and it will just be obnoxious. If every word is in bold and in huge font, what you were trying to achieve will be lost. Keep in mind what is priority and create emphasis on it first and foremost.

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