Sunday, March 4, 2012

Changing Up Your Logo Design

Have you ever noticed that companies who have been around for a long period of time tend to change their logos from time to time? Maybe they do not completely make a new one but they at the very least will edit them and give them a new feel.

Many companies do this because they want to show that their company is changing and keep it up to date. An old logo tends to make people believe that you haven't made any changes to your company and this is the last thing you want to convey.

In order to keep customers around for the long term, you need to do things that show them you are always working to better your company and better the kinds of things that you can and will offer them. Could you imagine if you were to never change your appearance in your entire life? It's the same thing as a company logo; it makes it seem as though you haven't changed at all and you are probably the exact same person you were when you were growing up.

So, once you have changed your logo, how do you go about getting the word out? How do you let people know that you have updated things and inform them of your company changes and what they should look out for in the future? The answer is simple; you can have articles written for you; reviewing your new logo.

This is going to be very helpful to you because you are going to be getting an outsider point of view. Only so many people are going to actually go to your site if they are not yet customers of yours and read about your new logo.

You are going to get far more attention if you pay an outside company to do the reviewing for you. This way, it's going to be on a neutral ground and appeal to all sorts of people.

So, how do you know which company you should choose? That is a pretty simple answer as well. Find a site that is popular and that has written many reviews before. This is going to mean they already have a large fan base and people who are going to check up on their site on a regular basis to see what new logos they have reviewed.

Another thing to look for is sites that have been mentioned in a major way. Maybe they were featured in a magazine or a newspaper. These are all things that are going to make the marketing of your company that much easier. The more a company has backing them, the more worth it is for you to pay them to write your review.

Once your review is out there, you simply need to promote it a bit. Let your current customers know that your logo has changed and that you would like their opinions. Be sure to ask them to tell their friends as well. Word is going to spread fast!

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