Monday, March 19, 2012

Should A Web Design Include Persuasion Or Clarity?

Every web design has one main goal, to attract customers/website visitors. This in itself is a challenge. Website visitors are always in a hurry. They wish to quickly get to the information they were looking for. It is a common notion that if a user cannot get to what they were looking for within three clicks, they click away! So, time is short, you need to decide what your web design needs to be like.

Persuasive design is something that you definitely should go for. This is the very first step for attracting a visitor. With a persuasive web design, be aware not to go overboard. Don't flash too many banners and pop ups. User experience with your website at the first instant will be repulsive and visitors will very conveniently click on the back button and drift away even before they get to know your services. So, you have lost your credibility even before you attempted to create it! Persuasive web design must be attractive and yet simple, eye-catching and yet not too garish.

If you finally do manage to attract a website visitor, only "clarity" in designing your site will make them stay, understand your services/products and buy from you! So, clarity tops the list when it comes to designing factors that are essential for a successful web design. Once a visitor lands on your website, it is very comforting to see a crystal clear message or navigation path, content and graphics equally balanced and a clear design that guides us to exactly what we want. So, when ever you are designing, make clarity in communication and design your prime goal. Customer attraction and conversions will follow automatically. Given that customers are invisible to online businesses, your web design is the primary contact for communication with a website visitor. Once a website visitor can clearly navigate your website, you can be sure that you get conversion and in turn return on investment.

So, persuasion is good, but clarity in web design is what will drive traffic and make them stay. If you mess up the design by cluttering too much in one place, it will surely annoy your visitors and affect the very purpose of your website. It's not really that difficult. Always keep a visitor in mind. Think about what he would be looking on your website and how easily and clearly you can present that information so that he does not get confused and leave!

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