Monday, April 9, 2012

What Sort Of Web Designer Are You?

There are many who look at the web design industry and liken the attributes of designers to various animals found in the wild because they exhibit similar behaviours and characteristics of these creatures. Whilst some people may take offence to such a comparison, there is actually nothing wrong with being labelled a "lion-like" designer - in fact, there is much that we can learn from these animals about how to come up with better designs:

Camel In the same way that the camel has adapted to survive in harsh and often unforgiving environments, web designers must also be resilient and be able to adapt to a changing work environment. They must also be able to work long hours in order to reap the rewards of a finished project, much like the camel who travels long distances for water.

Cheetah In the same way that the cheetah is able to land its prey in a matter of seconds, web designers must work fast if they want to land the clients and meet deadlines. It is also important for a designer to avoid "burning themselves out" by having rest periods, as the cheetah does.

Dolphin In the same way that the dolphin is able to listen to frequencies that are ten times higher than what the average human can, web designers must also learn to listen carefully to what their clients ask of them. Like the loyal dolphin, designers must also form solid relationships with their clients to build their business up.

Giraffe In the same way that the giraffe has a very different perspective on life, web designers must also view and tackle challenges in a new and different light. Without even realising it, many designers have already adopted habits of the giraffe - surviving off four and a half hours sleep in order to meet a deadline.

Lion In the same way that the lion is considered "King of the Jungle", web designers must be fearless and brave enough to try new and innovative work. As the lion spends most of its day resting and only three or four hours doing anything physical, designers must also realise that their best work is done when they are well rested as well.

Tiger In the same way that the tiger challenges animals much larger than itself, web designers must face their own large challenges without a trace of fear or apprehension. Like the tiger, designers need to be strategic in the way that they accept and carry out new projects.

Owl In the same way that an owl devises its own hunting strategy that depends on the element of surprise, web designers must have an "edge" that sets them apart from their competitors. They must also be able to adapt and design for any sort of environment, much as the owl blends into its surroundings.

Based on the above descriptions, what sort of web designer are you? The strategic owl, the fast-moving cheetah or the fearless tiger? Don't take offence to these comparisons - learn from them in order to create better and more innovative designs.

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