Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Is the Tagline of Your Business Logo Design Good Enough?

A tagline is a crucial element of any business logo. It communicates that message to your customers that you are distinct from the rest. It makes you stand out in the competition, and accentuates your brand value.
Then, how effective is your tagline? A business logo design with a powerful tagline will help you captivate the attention of customers, and make it memorable in the minds of your targeted audience. In this article, we are going to discuss how robust taglines can be created.

Think Simple, Avoid Complexity
When the name of your company is simple, then why create a complex catchphrase? Then, how will you know whether it is simple or not? The best way is asking your employees, business associates, and surveying customers. Ask them whether they understand what your company is all about. If they have an answer to such questions, it means that it is simple.

Avoid Something That Is Too Generic
If your logo design is not making the mark, it could be a slogan that is too generic. And in such scenarios, it is bound to fail. Think out of the box. Only then you will be able to think of something unique. In what way is your business different from your competitors? Think of questions like these as that will help you come up with something matchless.

Passing The Test of Time
A logo that keeps impressing your audience for several years is timeless. It passes the test of time. To make it timeless, you can make a few changes so that it continues to be relevant with the passage of time. Don't make any major changes as that might spoil the business message.

A successful business tagline is one that tells your customers about your business in a short and sweet way. When you are creating a business statement for the first time, don't focus too much on how it sounds. First conceive something meaningful, and then make the alterations until you get it right.
Limit it to five words as a short, crisp message makes more sense than a longer one. People remember a five word phrase easily than a slogan of 15 words.

Avoid Changing It Too Frequently
If a logo is failing to create a positive impression, business owners jump to the conclusion that it is a flawed tagline. They make their own assumptions, and start altering words or phrases too frequently. In many cases, that might not be the actual reason for the failure at all!
The color or design might not be right. Therefore, be sure about the reason first. If the tagline is fine, then don't confuse your audience by changing it. Keep it as it is.

It Should be about Customers, Not The Company
Create a message that focuses on your audience, and not your company. If it is company centric, your customers will be at a loss to understand how they are related after all. A custom logo design
professional will painstakingly work on your logo, understand the likes and dislikes of your customers, and then conceptualize something that is relevant to your targeted audience.

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