Saturday, November 24, 2012

Don't Commit These Mistakes While Building Your Website

If you wish to promote your business, a website is indispensable. You are looking at local as well as global business. The purpose of a website is not just to attract visitors but to get them to respond. If your web is not designed properly and does not have content that achieves this purpose, visitors to your site will leave without exploring or responding the way you expect. Your website is your online marketing tool, your representative and should ideally aid your business. What are common mistakes web designers commit to please clients and what should you, the business owner, know about websites in order to avoid them? Here are a few:

Visual Overload
It is all very well to have flash and a lot of images as well as graphics. However, they can detract attention as also result in pages taking too long to load. If this happens, visitors will leave your website. You have to keep in mind slow connections and access on smartphones while creating websites.

Too much content
Don't throw everything you have at visitors. The content should be just enough to arouse interest in visitors and get them to respond. So keep the first few sentences short followed by a "click to read more" option. Visitors can take in at a glance all that you have available and pick what interests them. Who has the time to scroll a lengthy page?

Copying Competitors
Most business owners seem to think that copying the design and content of a successful competitor is easy and will work. It is easy yes, but it does not work. The flawed thinking loses you business. Instead, try for clean, neat yet unique looks with your stand out color theme and method of presentation. Your design may turn out to be better and give you an edge. It takes only a little bit of extra effort to study your competitors and then go your own way in web design.

That's that, a job completed
No. Deploying a website is not the end. Your actual efforts start here. SEO is the buzzword. If you have the time, you can learn the basics and do the promotion, social networking, article submissions, newsletters, email campaigns and directory submissions yourself to build traffic and inbound links. If you would rather focus on your business, farm out this work to a competent SEO expert. On no account should you just deploy your web and hope nature will do its work. In the web world you will be buried.
It is easy to keep these in mind and you will be more than satisfied with your website once it is up and running.

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