Saturday, November 24, 2012

Your Website Must Have These Properties

Before you have your website designed and deployed, preferably by an experienced professional, ask yourself what it should have and what should be avoided. It is easy to do without flash, extended animations, rich graphics and lengthy content. That leaves you to consider what the site should have in order to get it to deliver expected results. You could keep the following in mind:

Get a Committed Professional Web Developer
Most small business owners think it is easy to develop and deploy website with free tools but such websites will never get you the expected results. A professional web developer will make the effort to understand your business, target audience, your competition and your objectives and will customize the site to achieve all the aims.

Give content the importance it deserves and create it yourself, leaving it to the web developer to incorporate the right keywords and give it the "web" touch. That leads us to consideration of Meta tags, titles and keywords. Take time to discuss your business, competition and related facts with your web developer to assist him in creating the right titles, tags and keywords, in important consideration for rankings and listing by search engines. Keep content brief and to the point. Your developer should know how to take points to create a point of interest to lead visitors to main pages.

Do not go overboard asking for the "best", a term that does not signify much. Instead, look at the competitor websites and make yours different, even incorporating features and content they lack. Think of how you can make it outstanding without packing in flash and graphics. Current technologies let users hover a mouse button for a pop-up to appear and display the information. Navigation structure should be simple and easy to follow, not a maze of links. Also ensure there are no broken links and each link takes you forward with the corresponding page having a link to get visitors back to the starting point.

It should not be a "Hello" and "Bye" experience. Your strategy is to pique visitors' curiosity to get them to explore the rest of the site and then include something like "more coming soon" to get them to visit again. Then you could throw in freebies or special offers if they subscribe.

Search Facility
Even if your website is not that extended, include this as routine. Visitors like to zero in on what they want and a search box lets them do that.

Make it Mobile
Most users use their smartphones to browse and make shopping decisions. Have a mobile version with features aligned to suit mobile environments.
With these you have a head start and you can maintain your lead with further activities to promote your website.

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