Friday, May 27, 2011

Select Prefect Colours Compatible to Your Site

It is said that the first blow is half the battle, so your web appearance must be catchy, attractive, strong and memorable to create a positive and good impression about you. Apart from following the basic guidelines and all nitty-gritty manners related to your website, you should design it with such an appropriate colour combination that will surely invoke aesthetic pleasure to an online visitor.

When you search for website design templates online, you will get to see a plethora of options including free website design. Some of them have been advertised for offering huge colour selection for customization. Naturally question comes: Why colour is so important? Many psychologists, colour specialists and colour researchers through their experiments have discovered that colours have significant effects on our psyche to evoke emotion, visual mirth, visionary trance and aesthetic pleasure. For a website, colour is the first thing that grabs the attention of a visitor when he or she first visits a web page. If he or she gets pleased with the colour used in your site, then it is your profit otherwise a total loss. So you must choose a good colour combination corresponding to your business that must appeal to your prospect customers and would make a desire in them to purchase your products.

Now just have a look on the significance of different colours:

Let me start with blue. Blue being the colour of the sky and the ocean, it symbolizes tranquility and power. So the corporate world prefers blue as their most favourite colour fit for their web designing. Blue demonstrates your professionalism, credibility and vitality. This is mostly used in website for B2B campaign by banks and large corporations.

Green symbolizes nature, liveliness, harmony and peace. So when you see it brings to your mind the happy thoughts concern to family comfort and home coziness. That is why green is mostly applicable to sites related to all home and garden products. Health, wellness and real estate companies take green as their wise selection.

Red betokens passion, love and romance. So it is a good choice for sites based on themes like love, romance and passion. But the sole use of it becomes irritating, so the better way of using it is to combine with white or black, depending on the types of mood or emotion you want to evoke.

Pink, being more tranquilizing than red, brings forth a range of positive emotions associated with babies and children.

Yellow, cheerful colour, allures some people. But sometimes it causes irritation. That is why designers prefer to use it as an accent colour.

White being the indicator of purity and peace, it is used for professional purposes. So many people like to use it for their websites.

Black is used for stylish, elegant and mysterious purposes. It ensures sophistication to almost all types of sites.

Always consider the significance of above mentioned colours when you start with designing a new website.

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